How To Embed Best Practice Behaviours

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Aspirational organisations should be striving to embed best practice behaviours at scale.

Not least because an absence of quality can compromise internal efficiency and customer experience alike.

By knowing, and implementing, your version of best practice, the risks of inconsistency are drastically reduced.

But how can companies ensure every cog in the wheel turns in unison?

How can a business ensure each individual contributor is aligned with overarching processes and targets?

Here we explore a simple four step guide which you can employ to embed best practice behaviours with ease.

Map The Customer Journey

Start with the basics.

What does an ideal customer journey look like in your world?

Each touchpoint on your customer journey has a direct impact upon the perception of your organisation.

And in order to generate maximum customer satisfaction, every touchpoint must assist your client in achieving their goal.

As such, best practice by it’s very definition must facilitate the most streamlined and enjoyable experience available.

Customer journey mapping helps you plot a path to resolution, offering customers the valuable information they need, exactly when they’re looking for it.


In mapping out your ideal journey, you can visualise the path, identify roadblocks and, most importantly, take opportunities to showcase your values.

Only when you have clarity, and a solid foundation of your journey, can you begin to define future optimisation.

Define Your Best Practice Behaviours

With your customer journey mapped out, the next stage is to highlight specifically what your best practice behaviours are.

What works for another may not necessarily work for you.

Bearing this in mind, every single organisation has a unique, best practice workflow.

This is the optimal approach to performance that, above any other, can guarantee your business hits the numbers and delights their customers.

Defining excellence for your organisation has four key stages:

  • Discovery
  • Management
  • Flexibility
  • Measurement

Each stage is vitally important and must be sufficiently invested in.

After all, if you’re looking to embed best practice behaviours, you need to know what good looks like.

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Implement Via Workflow Management

Change is never easy. Especially on a large scale.

Each member of your team is an individual with unique quirks and traits.

To embed best practice behaviours across them all requires effective and efficient management.

Workflow management solutions enable you to define each stage of the process in accordance with your version of best practice.

“When everyone on the team can access the necessary information, you’ll find more consistent performance from employees.”


By adding justification to the action, you can not only explain why this method is best, but train up new staff in line with your way of working.

From a managerial perspective, it also allows you to identify where gaps are emerging and why.

The structure of implementation ultimately facilitates best practice at scale.

Without it, the potential for experience damaging variation becomes too great.

Encourage Feedback For Iterative Improvement

Finally, adoption requires engagement.

Encourage your team to provide their input as to what your vision actually looks like in reality.

“Embedding is continuous. Behaviours need to be established and constantly reinforced.”

My Customer

To embed best practice behaviours you shouldn’t operate with a set and forget mindset.

Iterative improvement requires consistent evaluation to identify what’s not working, and subsequent use of that information to build more ideal systems for your team.

By recognising that perfection is an iterative process, your team can be constantly evolving and adapting as more data is captured to identify an even more optimal way of working.

Having everyone aligned to this concept, and to your ultimate goal, will see best practices embed with ease.

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