3 Tips To Make Your Bathroom Showroom Stand Out

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In a world where customer experience is the defining competitive battleground, you need to do everything in your power to make your showrooms stand out.

They are the physical embodiment of your brand values and reputation.

The experience must be memorable for all the right reasons!

Consider your current setup, what sort of first impression are you creating for your visitors?

“The people coming through your door aren’t interested in what you do.

It’s what you can do for them and how you can make them feel that matters.”

It’s all about curating an environment of comfort and enjoyment. Of reassurance that you can fulfil potential customer’s goals with an air of quality and reliability.

No matter how amazing your product lines. Or how reasonable your prices.

If you can’t wow your customers with your showroom, you’ll never get the chance to demonstrate your advantages.

How To Make Your Bathroom Showroom Stand Out

Each business is unique and that personality should shine through in your stores.

There are however, universal characteristics of a showroom that can blow your customers away the moment they step over the threshold.

We’ve broken these down into 3 key areas.

Let’s dive in…


Back to basics with our first topic, making sure your showroom is laid out in an enticing, inviting manner.

Do you set things out to encourage customers in?

Are displays visually appealing?

Is the showroom clean, tidy and bright?

“77% of customers would recommend a store to a friend after having a good shopping experience.”

Temkin Group

It may seem superficial, but the last thing you want your customers to be focussing on is misplaced rubbish bags and empty coffee mugs.

Put yourself in their shoes, would you want to spend time there?

Plenty of branding helps reinforce your values and messaging whilst a warm welcome extends beyond the bricks and mortar to your in store staff.

If your team don’t look like they want to be there, you can guarantee your customers won’t want to be either!

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With the visuals nailed, the next focus to make your bathroom showroom stand out is to deliver excellence in engagement.

Don’t expect your customers to imagine everything for themselves!

Use room sets to create concepts they could simply lift up and replicate at home. It’s all about making it easy for them to buy.

Likewise, make sure your customers have to walk through as many of these inspirational creations as possible to see everything.

Props also raise engagement and can encourage people to interact with and imagine themselves in your creation within their own home.

Once people become involved, they’re much more likely to purchase than simply browse.


Last, and certainly not least, comes experience. And service is paramount.

“It only takes seven seconds for you to make a first impression”.


Both presentation and engagement feed into this but it is through the provision of an outstanding experience that you can lean on the expert skills of your employees.

You should be aiming to excel both online and instore, so that those customers who have browsed before visiting have a seamless transition from online to face to face.

From a business perspective, you can make your bathroom showroom stand out by providing a consistent experience across teams and locations.

Having everyone singing from the same hymn sheet will ensure you deliver the best version of your brand 100% of the time.

With people feeling the pinch, can you afford to allow customers to have vastly different experiences depending on who, how or where they engage you?

Ready to explore how Anthill can help you deliver an outstanding customer experience instore and online? Schedule a demo today.

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