How A Robust Process Can Preserve Your Brand Reputation

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Your brand reputation is your most precious asset.

More than your products or your stores, businesses live and die by their reputation.

Get it right, and you can inspire loyal customers to become active brand advocates. Singing your praises to your target markets.

Get it wrong, and you risk undoing all of your hard work.

“90% of people surveyed say they’re influenced by word of mouth and customer reviews, no matter if they’re positive or negative.”

Most importantly, preserving your brand reputation means meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

So when such vital tasks are left to chance, with no process in place to ensure their success, preserving your well earned reputation becomes harder and harder.

Process & Brand Reputation

A robust process can form the foundations of a positive, prosperous brand reputation.

It can ensure that, by your staff adhering to defined best practice, customers receive a consistently outstanding service.

Rather than a cobbled together, hit and miss experience depending on who, where and how they interact with the company.

By implementing a customer orientated process, you can ensure your target audience aren’t getting their heads turned by the competition.

It’s all about putting the building blocks in place to allow your team to succeed.

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The Power Of Experience

Fuelled through a combination of subject matter expertise, personalisation and outstanding support, process can guarantee it’s not just your offering that “wows” the customer.

When experience defines all, the greater the speed and quality of how you reach your customers, the better your brand reputation will be.

New enquiry leads are 10 times less likely to respond after 5 minutes.

Harvard Business Review

Be sure to offer multiple support channels, depending on customer preference, and aim to ensure, when a query arises, it can be resolved on first contact.

Likewise, combining process with customer data allows for personalised interactions, geared around specific challenges, wants and needs.

Having your customer facing team be able to tap into a wealth of data makes customers feel valued and helps build rapport; generating greater customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Futureproofing Your Brand Reputation

Speaking of loyalty, harnessing the influence of advocates is the best way to futureproof your brand reputation.

Rather than relying on company collateral alone, brand advocates are the satisfied customers who love your brand enough to recommend it to others.

Deliver a great customer experience, powered by best practice process, and all of a sudden, your customers are doing your job for you.

Modern buyers place significant trust in reviews and recommendations.

By developing customer testimonials, existing customers can share their positive experiences and reassure potential customers that your can be trusted to deliver.

So rather than putting your brand reputation on line, effective process ensures you’re being talked about for all the right reasons.

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