Process Software: Your Hidden Superhero Sales Team

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Black Friday is almost upon us. And with it’s arrival, countless retailers will experience a surge in demand matched only by the traditional, seasonal sales.

It’s at this time of increased volume that potential customers, previously on the fence, often make the leap and transition from hesitant prospects to eager new projects.

And yet, to cope with this surge, retailers still have the same number of staff.

This creates a potentially risky situation.

A failure to match higher levels of interest with equal levels of attentiveness could lead to missed opportunities and a drop in customer experience.

So who, or what, can business leaders call upon to lend a hand in their time of need?

Enter process software. Your hidden superhero sales team.

The Power Of Process Software

Workflows make it easy for employees to pick up a task and carry it out efficiently with minimal time and hassle.

This keeps your processes running like clockwork. As a result, you can spend less time chasing your tail and more time scaling your business.

Forget relying on outdated handouts, process software allows you to build a customised workflow to neatly define the processes you need your teams to follow.

When resources are stretched, automating aspects of your process saves hours of time by sending vital customer communications based on the triggers you set.

Likewise, process software can drastically improve your business intelligence capabilities.

“In 2019, 64% of users reported that business intelligence helped improve their efficiency and productivity.

Meanwhile, 56% believe it has allowed them to make more effective decisions faster.

51% also think it has led to better financial performance.”


Live, customisable dashboards present each member of your team with the right information at the right time.

This provides peace of mind that no stone is left unturned, and no customer is left in the cold.

Your Single Source Of Truth

When you’re under the cosh, you don’t have time to be running around finding missing information. Access needs to be instant.

“The average worker spends nearly 20% of their time looking for internal information, or tracking down colleagues, who can help with specific tasks”.


Having immediate access to your process workflows, and insight into where each opportunity sits within them, guarantees you never miss a beat.

In this vein, process software allows you to capture, and analyse, every interaction with customers, whatever the touch point within the business.

And those touch points don’t have to be linked to individual people.

They can relate to whoever a client has engaged with or through whichever channel, whether it be a web chat, e-mail, phone call or face to face meeting.

Knowledge is power, both internally and externally.

Your process single source of truth means you’re never in the dark and, despite the surge, your customers still experience the highest levels of service you can possibly provide.

Customer Centric Operations

Speaking of customers, they must sit at the centre of your operations.

The right process software ensures all of your actions are geared toward satisfying both their needs and your business goals.

By adopting a consistent process, facilitated through customisable workflows, you can align everyone on your version of best practice.

“You have more requests coming in and you need to address them quicker to keep your customers happy.”

Scaling Customer Support

This includes maintaining fast response times no matter the volume of new projects landing at your feet.

Some people like to point to the increased sales that are often associated with process software.

Whilst those sales are very real, the most significant win, and root cause of the increase in sales, is the ability process software provides a business with to better serve its customers.

So lend your team a hand this Black Friday.

Embrace the technology available to you and unlock your hidden superhero sales team.

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