What Is The Role Of A Customer Service Leader?

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Customer service, and the wider customer experience, is contributed to by every single member of your team.

Each time a customer interacts with your organisation, directly or indirectly, it has an impact upon their perception of you and your service.

In a hyper competitive business environment, there is little room for disappointment from anyone.

But what about the specific role of a dedicated customer service leader?

What skills must they possess to ensure your customers enjoy the highest levels of service?

How do they ensure quality across the customer journey?

Where can they control and influence the actions of your staff to leave the best possible impression on new and existing customers alike?

An Ongoing Relationship, Not A One Off Interaction

Before diving in, it’s important to note that customer service is not a one off.

A rise in the terms “customer experience” and “customer journey” indicates that organisations are pivoting to consider customer service as a crucial part of an ongoing relationship.

Point of service is no longer a one off engagement.

The role of a customer service leader is to ensure that, even if your product is a one time purchase, consistent, positive relationships are cultivated with all.

Not only will happy customers tell everyone about your brilliant offering, it also ensures your teams are focussed on converting more opportunities, instead of apologising to and handling queries of those you’ve let down.

7 Staple Skills For A Customer Service Leader

So what makes an excellent experience leader? Which traits are required to truly fulfil the role of a customer service leader?

Lets find out…


As the leader of your organisation’s customer experience offering, you’ll not only need to galvanise and engage your own team, but also inspire the entire organisation to commit to a culture of customer centricity.

Being able to translate your own enthusiasm and passion, via clear and effective communication, will ensure every customer facing role is bought into your mission.

Service is provided by everyone, communicating a message of excellence as essential, across the whole team, is vital.

Relationship Management

Directly linked to communication, customer service leaders need to foster particularly strong relationships with key stakeholders in customer facing departments.

Breaking down the silos that prevent cross-department, customer focussed collaboration should be a key goal for anyone in the role of a customer service leader.

The ability to build and maintain prosperous relationships with both internal and external stakeholders will ensure your operation runs smoothly within and without of the business.

Project & Time Management

“Project management skills are the single most important skill set needed for customer experience improvement.”

Maurice Fitzgerald

Your customer’s time is valuable and so is your company’s.

Customers do not want to feel rushed. But they also don’t want to have to wait around to have their needs met.

Akin to this, your team members need enough time to complete all of their duties without feeling rushed.

Effective time management involves striking a delicate balance; finding that sweet spot in the middle for customers, team members, and the company.

Strategy Innovation

As with any field, stasis leads to stagnation.

Truly forward thinking customer service and experience leaders will always be looking for new ways to innovate and differentiate.

Being able to identify improvement opportunities and develop innovative strategies to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention will help set you apart from the pack.

Even the most common concerns don’t always have a “one size fits all” solution. It takes creativity to determine the most effective and efficient way to meet your customer’s needs.

Finding creative solutions requires you to go beyond standard operating procedures and consider the nuance of the problem before you.

For customer’s with complex problems, in finding a creative solution you can build loyalty and show your company’s ability to meet dynamic needs.

Data Driven

Data analysis, and a capacity to act on your findings, is critical for any experience leader.

“4 out of 10 chief executives pointed towards an inability to implement the right data technology.

85% also stated that they strive hard, yet struggle, to implement the proper solutions from their data insights.”


Collecting customer data from different sources generates insights to identify opportunities. 

Likewise, assign relevant KPIs to your customer facing teams. Tracking this service related data allows you to monitor levels for areas of improvement. 

Lead & Support

Customer service leaders need to be prepared to inspire their teams and to potentially address escalated customer concerns.

A great leader will take responsibility for the issues presented to them directly as well as every issue their team members encounter.

Strong leadership skills require a focus on resolving both customer and team member concerns with empathy and consideration.

Training and supporting team members so they can provide services or products that meet, or ideally exceed, customer expectations is an essential trait for an aspirational leader.

The less your team rely on you for the day to day, the more time you can focus on elevating the service experience as a whole.


Last but certainly not least, a great team leader is accountable for their own actions as well as for the actions of their team.

Your customer’s satisfaction and your team’s performance are your responsibility.

When a team leader accepts accountability for the team, it builds trust and loyalty within the work environment.

Team members feel empowered to take responsibility for their customer’s satisfaction when they know they are supported by their team leader.

A good leader will never have a great team. It takes a great leader to guide others into achieving success.

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