Integration Overview: Anthill & Xero

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As part of Anthill’s integration suite, customers can connect their system with Xero.

By integrating Anthill with Xero, users can create invoices directly from their Anthill system. These are then replicated in Xero, clearing the way for a more streamlined approach ensuring all required customer records are in one easily accessible location.

If you’re looking to facilitate the integration itself, visit our easy installation guide here.

Otherwise, read on to find out how integrating Anthill with Xero can revolutionise your invoicing process.

Why Integrate?

 Automated Invoice Creation

Invoices that are created in Anthill are automatically created in Xero with any changes in either system kept in sync.

Your chosen nominal codes from Xero are pulled into Anthill for users to select from at line level.

Permissions in Anthill allow you to specify which user roles in Anthill can create and approve invoices.

 Automated Contact Creation

If an invoice is created for a new customer or supplier in Anthill, a new contact is automatically created in Xero.

 Payment Notifications

When payments are added to invoices in Xero, Anthill automatically updates the outstanding balance and notifies the relevant staff.

Sales and Accounts teams have visibility of when invoices are paid without needing access to Xero.

How Our Integration Works

Automated Invoice Generation

Successful organisations are, more often than not, efficient organisations.

And automating time consuming, yet vitally important, tasks is a sure fire way to improve internal operations.

Generating invoices is a business critical process, a process which Anthill facilitates via the Xero integration.

This allows you to create Xero invoices, directly from your Anthill system.

Once created, these invoices are then automatically assigned to the individual customer record ensuring there are no discrepancies.

As well as creation, any edits made to the invoice can be made in both Xero and Anthill whilst changes to the outstanding balance are automatically reflected in your system.

Our integration takes the leg work out of invoicing.

Streamlined Data

When it comes to revenue, accuracy must be absolute.

There can be no room for error, both from an internal reporting perspective and the external customer experience.

Consequently, Anthill synchronises all Customer and Supplier data between your Anthill and Xero contacts.

This means you can guarantee uniformity of this vital information, saving hours chasing up the correct information.

But the streamlining doesn’t stop there.

Integrating your systems means creating Supplier Invoices in Anthill produces Bills to pay in Xero. And Payments added to Xero generate Confirmed Payments in Anthill.

Reconciling disparate records is a thing of the past.

Connected Teams

Last of all, and intrinsically linked to more streamlined data capture and retention, integrating Anthill and Xero facilitates integration of your teams.

When an invoice is paid in full, Anthill notifies the creator of the invoice directly ensuring Sales and Accounts teams are connected to operate at maximum efficiency.

Furthermore, permissions in Anthill allow various user groups different levels of authority for creating and approving giving you peace of mind that your finances are in safe hands.

If you have any other Integration Queries, please visit the Integrations Hub or Contact Us directly.

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