4 Process Management Software Features That Will Revolutionise Your Business

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Having the right process management software, at the heart of your business, can revolutionise your results.

From driving efficiencies, to increasing visibility and consistency, process management software can make all the difference.

“Exceptional process design can cut operations costs, promote productivity, and maintain consistency.”


Your business processes are your blueprint for success. They define the actions of your workforce and determine how your customers experience your offering.

With competition only getting stronger, and patience of customers running ever thinner, businesses need to stay on top of their operations.

They need to ensure each process is optimised toward maximising desired goals and outcomes.

This is where the right process management software can drastically alter your capabilities.

But what is it in particular that process management software entails that takes you from process also rans to process leaders?

Process Documentation

Consistency is key.

Across every discipline, every activity and every engagement delivering an optimised approach, 100% of the time, is table stakes for sustainable success.

You may have a standard operating procedure in place. But outdated documents or printouts don’t give you the control or visibility you need to run a successful operation.

Process management software allows you to define optimal workflows for every customer relationship process.

From here you can monitor employees’ performance, giving you more control and visibility than ever before.

Likewise, having these methods easily accessible ensures greater adoption and adherence. With the right technology in place, personal accountability is increased as key steps simply can’t be missed.

“Define the steps required to process customers from A to B, ensuring that each customer is treated correctly and consistently. “

Via the documenting, and subsequent analysis of your process, any hidden details that may not seem obvious, but could ultimately bolster any strategy successes, are more easily identified and acted upon.

It is process at its most simplistic.

Yet merely documenting what good looks like for your company helps to provide a consistent, high quality customer experience across all channels, teams and locations.

Workflow Collaboration

Transparency, and enhanced visibility, afforded by effective process management software also has a positive impact upon workforce collaboration.

Individual, team and regional dashboards allow the user to select their key metrics and present data that’s uniquely relevant to them.

Through these laser focused dashboards, each team member can focus on what’s important to them. All without getting distracted by things that aren’t.

When a company’s software doesn’t track all interactions and tie them together across all channels and contributors then the customer will receive a fragmented experience.”


However, the real power comes in the insight that can be shared across the business as a whole.

Relevant information becomes easily accessible and the actions of best performers are more easily replicated.

For those in leadership positions, process management software can allow you to allocate tasks to departments and monitor the progress via their dashboards.

This way, not only does the organisation come together as one cohesive unit, incomplete tasks are more easily spotted and action is taken before it’s too late.

Automate & Scale

Automation of best practice processes can help companies to save critical resources and mitigate risk.

How? Well in the building of your desired workflow, there will be certain stages, or touchpoints, which are vital for an outstanding customer experience.

Thing is, these can often be automated.

Having these stages trigger automatically not only maintains the level of experience, it frees up your team to focus on the task at hand.

Email opens, customer survey responses, appointment confirmations and even customer birthdays. Each of these events are all ways in which an entire workflow or individual task can be triggered.

Likewise, abandoned carts, cross-sell opportunities and a loss of customer engagement are all things that can easily go unnoticed if left to be dealt with manually.

Process management software lets you create triggers based on such customer behaviour and act accordingly.

Now you can send the right message at the right time for maximum engagement with your users.

And yet, there is a crucial caveat to automation.

No two customers are the same, so they shouldn’t be treated that way.

“Personalised messages improve click-through rates by 16% and emails with personalised subject lines are 19% more likely to be opened.

Imagine if you can do that all automatically…”

Process management software can use segmentation and dynamic content based on customer information to create and serve a personalised experience for each individual customer.

Automation, and the scaling of your customer led activities, enables you to send messages, update customer records and notify staff members without lifting a finger.

Process Review

It’s not enough to simply create a process. It must be constantly managed and reviewed for further optimisation opportunities.

We’re strong believers in the ‘you can’t manage what you can’t measure’ philosophy.

KPIs need to be constantly monitored, and your process management software should enable you to accurately track your results.

Not a day should go by without some kind of improvement being made somewhere in the company”.

Why Continuous Improvement Is The Go-To Business Philosophy

Take both your company’s goals and industry demands into account. The right tool will not only allow live tracking of progress towards organisational goals, it’ll also help identify new and emerging opportunities.

Successful businesses need to jump on the appropriate trends as soon as they emerge. Quality data, provided by the right technology, will help you gain this competitive edge.

And when changes are made, they’ll appear right away to keep your employees up to speed and ahead of the game.

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