6 Reasons Why Anthill Gives You More For Less

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“In consistent times, there’s leverage to be found in investing in the status quo.

But when we’re unsure about where the next shift is going to come from, investing in flexibility makes a bit more sense.”

Seth Godin

Recent experience shows us organisations need to be adaptable.

There can be no doubt that flexibility and a robust digital infrastructure forms the foundations for an effective modern business.

But not everybody is there yet.

Each company is at it’s own unique point and for those looking to increase efficiency and drive productivity, knowing where to start can be tricky.

So to make things easy, we’ve broken down the 6 reasons why Anthill gives you more for less…

1 – Made For Your Way Of Working

With Anthill, there is no such thing as a standard installations.

We know that every business works differently, so we shape Anthill to fit your needs.

Our 5 Star rated Customer Success team work closely with all our clients to understand your processes, data structure and goals.

This means we customise and mould Anthill around your business – saving you time, money and frustration.

There’s no trial and error with Anthill, we know what’s needed to create a seamless customer experience and are here to help you achieve that from day one.

2 – Manage Everything In One Place

Tired up constantly switching between outdated systems to find the simplest piece of information?

Those days are gone.

With Anthill’s Personalised Dashboards you can track enquiries, quotes, surveys, sales, installations and support tickets using the same tool.

Anthill was built exclusively to make custom sales cycles a breeze to manage – no matter how complex.

Once logged into Anthill, you can manage your installations, remedials, and support processes from the same tool you use to manage your leads and sales.

3 – Sales & Marketing Automation

No need for other systems, we have automation covered.

Using Anthill, you can create personalised communications to be sent to customers and staff automatically during the customer journey.

By using bespoke segments and triggers, you can send emails and SMS messages at just the right moment to maximise the chances of each opportunity converting!

4 – Unlimited Stays Unlimited

There are few things more irritating than hidden limits.

When it comes to Anthill, you can manage & master your processes your way, with zero restrictions.

We’re here to solve your problems, not to add to them, so unlimited stays unlimited.

You can use all of the features without the worry of additional costs each month.

This allows you to move forward knowing you have an unlimited supply of all the tools you need to maintain a flawless customer experience.

5 – Make Every Process Your Own

Streamlining each & every process through Anthill will allow your organisation to raise productivity across the board.

Anthill is made to work the way you do.

Your team’s attention and focus are important so we don’t waste them with clunky processes; we’ll ensure each task runs like a dream.

Let your sales team sell, your customer service team serve, and your managers manage, all glued together by slick, custom-built processes across every department.

This is the way business operations should be.

6 – No Hidden Costs

No more hidden costs, our software gives your team everything they need in a lean, easy-to-use package.

At Anthill, we know what you need and what you don’t because we made this product exclusively for people like you.

Anthill keeps it simple for you with a fixed, mid-range price per user.

This means no money is wasted on unnecessary features and your setup time will be a matter of weeks (not months).

And, best of all, your package will be far more intuitive and easy to use.

Convinced? Get in touch via our Contact Us page or Book A Demo.

We can’t wait to start collaborating on your digital transformation.

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