John Lewis Of Hungerford & Anthill: Marketing Case Study

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Anthill provides John Lewis of Hungerford with the ability to identify, curate and scale marketing communications that resonate with their audience; generating a greater ROI on marketing spend and promoting higher conversion rates.

For 50 years, John Lewis of Hungerford have been creating timeless kitchens, bedrooms and fitted furniture for homes across the UK.

Here’s a brief insight into how Anthill is helping bring calm to their chaos…

Communications That Count

John Lewis of Hungerford are using Anthill to power their targeted email marketing campaigns.

This means curating highly customisable templates, for specific segments, to deliver the right message at the right time.

Depending on a project’s status, or which product line generated initial interest, these crafted campaigns, with hyper-targeted messaging, can be triggered to continue progressing opportunities toward a positive outcome for all.

Having such impactful communications has led to open rates of 30% on emails such as re-introductory offers for lapsed customers, new brochure requests and announcing seasonal product sales.

An ability to target based on activity ensures that when John Lewis of Hungerford engage with their customers, their communications are impactful, relevant and highly memorable.

Transparent Tracking & Accurate Attribution

Via campaign specific tracking tags, for communications sent both from within Anthill or through third party channels, Anthill can show a direct correlation between specific messaging and the consequential customer spend.

Not only can John Lewis of Hungerford accurately see where people are coming from, they can track that activity through to a particular opportunity and it’s relative progression or revenue figure.

With these enhanced capabilities to expand their reviewing process, John Lewis of Hungerford were able to drill down beyond statistics such as channel effectiveness.

Moving from this broad to narrow attribution focus allowed granular evaluation of which message, or even which image, resonated most with their customers across each individual platform.

Having that data is vitally important as it helps facilitate joined up thinking across the business and enables John Lewis of Hungerford to accurately see the money generated per campaign versus expenditure.

Optimised Opportunities & Handovers

To ease the transition of opportunities from marketing leads to sales qualified opportunities, automatically triggered workflows notify the relevant team of the incoming opportunity and provide clear visibility as to what caused a prospect to engage.

As soon as John Lewis of Hungerford could easily determine the success of their campaigns, they were in a position to further optimise, creating a more cohesive customer experience, and double down on the messaging most likely to strike a chord.

They found Anthill’s accuracy to be significantly greater than that of traditional analytics tools meaning they could truly trust the data and feel comfortable making revenue defining decisions from it.

“Without last click attribution, you’re really in the dark.
I use Anthill all the time to investigate a direct link between relative campaign success and what’s actually going on.
We track everything, meaning I can easily analyse the data and prove the impact of each marketing channel and campaign.
I can then make a case to invest more in the channels that are working for us.
It really is brilliant.”

Sophie Randall – Head Of Marketing, John Lewis Of Hungerford

Planning For Prosperity

Now a clear correlation could be showcased between campaign revenue and ROI, dictating the best possible future strategy became significantly simpler.

Through the tracking and review of existing campaigns, all from within the Anthill system, investment decisions for upcoming initiatives could be grounded in the best available data.

When the marketing department of John Lewis of Hungerford presented their findings, and major successes, back to the board, it became clear and obvious what was working.

Making a case for a larger budget so scale up the success was the only option. And all of this insight, and by extension improved marketing success, could only be achieved through John Lewis of Hungerford’s adoption of Anthill.


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