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Anthill have collaborated with Homebase to replace their manual appointment booking system with a live, integrated, online solution. Doing so has enabled each of their nationwide stores to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of their design teams.

Since opening in 1979, Homebase have been the home and garden experts, striving to make people’s lives that little bit brighter.

Here’s a brief insight into how Anthill is helping bring calm to their chaos…

Appointment Management

Homebase are utilising the power of Anthill to streamline and revolutionise how they manage customer appointments across nationwide stores, head office and support teams.

From here, all projects can be managed from one central space, no matter where they sit in the customer journey.

The newly introduced Anthill system also provides the capacity for categorisation of the specific appointment type.

Segmenting by “first sits”, “second sits”, “book to pay” and “virtual” allows Homebase‘s senior leadership and store managers to gauge precisely how many active projects are sitting in each stage of their sales cycle.

Increased visibility likewise facilitates upgraded forecasting and improved resource allocation.

Customer Driven Bookings

As well as Homebase staff benefiting from the newly streamlined process, customers themselves are now able to select the type of appointment they desire, a time to suit them and their preferred showroom directly from the Homebase website.

From Homebase’s perspective, not only does this improve customer experience, it enhances their data capture capabilities.

Customers are able to share key details about their project at the point of booking, along with uploading images of their rooms and plans.

This information is automatically attached to the customer record in Anthill, allowing the sales team to gauge precisely what the customer is looking to achieve.

This has improved their ability to prepare for each individual appointment, creating a knock on positive impact for customers arriving to meet with designers who have detailed knowledge of their aims and goals.

“Anthill is an absolutely superb system which our teams thoroughly enjoy using!
The software is easy to use and intuitive.
Most importantly, it guarantees that our customers are at the heart of our business by ensuring we have everything we need to hand.”

Ian Penney – Business Unit Director, Showrooms, Homebase

Assigned Availability

Individual Homebase stores have the capacity within their Anthill system to configure available time slots and resources.

This reduces the risk of under/over resourcing and ensures staff spend the majority of their time focussing on their priority tasks at hand.

Once each store allocates their designer availability, the information is then fed into the Anthill powered booking system.

From here, any Homebase user, both in store and at HQ, can book appointments with full confidence that the required resource is available at the customer’s desired time.

Moreover, the calendar view in Anthill provides Homebase with multiple views on the confirmed appointments covering both pre-sale and post-sale.

Users are able to clearly see the different types of bookings, can drag and drop changes and click through to see the full customer history and project status.

This way, no matter the purpose of the appointment, Homebase are fully prepared to deliver the desired results.

Workflow Management & Automation

When Homebase customers create new bookings, both from the website and in store, a specially created Anthill workflow commences automatically.

As the process initiates, alerts are sent to the appropriate team.

From here, Anthill’s workflows deliver Homebase’s best practice approach, ensuring adherence to desired service models and a consistent delivery for every opportunity.

To ensure no opportunities slip through the cracks, alerts are sent to store colleagues on the day of the appointment to allow for adequate preparation.

Once each step has been ticked off, Anthill then manages the next step of the process, whether that be additional appointments, follow up calls or a prompt for conversion to order.

Each aspect of this guidance and automation further alleviates time constraints for Homebase via automatic, personalised booking confirmations and reminders which can be viewed by all.

The end result is a more streamlined internal process and, consequently, a more enjoyable customer experience.


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