Magnet Projects & Anthill: Process Management Case Study

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Anthill provides Magnet Projects with the ability to align each and every member of the team to their best practice workflow. The enhanced visibility and improved accountability Anthill provides has ensured that Magnet Projects’ service standards and operational processes remain at desired levels.

Magnet Projects supply kitchens and project management services directly to the housing sector with a vision to be better by design; meaning kitchens have been considered and designed with purpose.

Here’s a brief insight into how Anthill is helping bring calm to their chaos…

Customised Workflows

Magnet Projects are using Anthill’s customisable workflows to negate any regional variation of customer processes.

This means Magnet Projects can now ensure no matter where, how or why a customer engages with them, the experience remains the same.

By building out tailored workflows, Anthill provides a solution that now guides staff on the correct approach to each stage of the process whilst simultaneously increasing accountability as no steps can be missed or completed incorrectly.

In the case of Magnet Projects, automated push notifications within Anthill have allowed for more efficient communication channels and improved adoption of new technologies.

Furthermore, notifications provide senior leaders with a greater insight into potential resourcing issues and opportunity progression.

“Anthill has played a pivotal role in our recent merger and is fast becoming a fundamental part of our business.
The software provides us with the visibility to spot trends and for our staff to be in full control of the sales process, prioritising tasks to maximise efficiency.
As a single source of truth, Anthill drives accountability and ensures we can accurately track critical KPIs, helping deliver the level of service we desire.
Throughout our experience, the Anthill team have always gone the extra mile with incredible responsiveness, consistently tailoring the technology to our needs.”

mark hughes – managing director, magnet projects

Improved Business Intelligence

Within Magnet Projects, there was a desire to move away from current reporting mechanisms to a more dynamic, live environment.

Reporting on the order book, gaining insights into the lead bank, tracking of key KPIs and pipeline management have all become significantly easier and more accessible owing to the live data that Anthill provides.

As a direct result of this immediate access to reporting data, and enhanced knowledge sharing, each region has been able to save between 1-3 days a month in time previously lost chasing data.

For Magnet Projects, this has drastically increased customer knowledge as there is now universal access to previous client interactions. This has allowed teams to share accumulated expertise internally, elevating overall business intelligence.

Having a capacity to drill down into critical statistics, such as profit margins and deals where the business is underselling, allows for a direct response.

Because Anthill is notifying Magnet Projects that action is required, conversion rates are increasing.

Seamless Integrations

Critically for Magnet Projects, Anthill had to seamlessly integrate with the existing technology stack.

Anthill developed a tailored integration with Magnet Projects’ existing 2020 Fusion design package to sync customer data between the two systems.

Rather than pulling data from 10+ systems, Anthill now provides Magnet Projects with one single source of truth.

This has helped reduce friction during the recent merger and beyond as the business has looked to enhance their internal efficiency and knowledge sharing capabilities.


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