3 Ways Digital Transformation Enhances Organisational Agility

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Businesses need organisational agility to adapt to the ever changing dynamics of the consumer landscape.

And recent experience has shown us a seismic shift can arise at a moments notice.

Nobody could’ve predicted the sudden requirement for remote working facing the world at the onset of the pandemic.

But by building in organisational agility and flexibility, some companies were better positioned to react quickly and turn the emerging situation to their advantage.

“To stay ahead of the competitor curve, you must be constantly reviewing and revising your operations.”


Agility is required to avert a resourcing disaster, or to be best placed to respond to shifting market trends.

Embracing technology, through digital transformation, improves a company’s ability to react to change efficiently and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Having the insight at your fingertips to make informed decisions quickly, and the technological infrastructure to enact them, can catapult a business from an also ran into a industry leader.

Below we explore 3 ways in which embracing digital transformation can elevate your organisational agility. Ranging from internal operations through to customer facing processes and the wider business environment.

Internal Enhancements

Everything starts from within. And your capacity to react externally is directly influenced by your internal flexibility.

Digital transformation, and the technology now available, can help automate and streamline a company’s internal processes.

“For 77% of businesses digital transformation is the primary strategic priority.”


The knock on effect being that a streamlined operation facilitates organisational alignment. That means fewer hurdles to jump through and red tape to navigate when a quick decision is required.

Enhanced productivity further compounds the potential benefit as reducing inefficiency frees up a greater amount of budget for exploring new opportunities.

So when the time to capitalise comes, your organisation is moving from an informed, knowledgeable position rather than being surprised at a standing start.

Customer Processes

Your processes should make it easy for your people to sell and even easier for your customers to buy.

Yet, too often, customers are the first to feel the challenges of the company.

Whether in relation to setting new business goals, implementing new technologies or adapting to any changes in the market.

“People want to buy from companies that make it easy to get help when they need it, that go above and beyond for them, and that make them proud to support their culture and philosophy.”


Social media revolutionised the way customers engaged with organisations on a number of levels.

Having the organisational flexibility to evolve communication channels allowed some companies to excel where others relied on traditional, and perhaps less appropriate, methods

Likewise, what starts as industry leading quickly becomes the norm. Amazon revolutionised the on demand world through the creation of Prime. Now, this speed of delivery is the expectation rather than the market leading anomaly.

Adopting digital transformation processes maximises your chances of elevating your customer processes to the highest standard.

And more importantly, having the agility to adopt and adapt in step with your customers.

Organisational Agility For Sustainable Success

In the ever evolving business environment, your technology should offer the agility to continually test, adjust and upgrade all of your processes.

Alongside internal and external customer processes, the third stage of digital transformation success is reconsidering existing and implementing new business models.

Here, you can fully account for the shifting marketplace.

“It is a mentality shift on an organisational scale; not a flash in the pan when it’s already too late.

The Evolutionary Process Of Continuous Improvement

Sustainable success means consideration for changing social attitudes.

For example, is your organisation agile enough to embrace the shift to a more environmentally sustainable future?

This is by far the most significant and challenging step on the path to organisational agility, but is integral for organisations serious about sustainable success.

Whilst calculated decisions must be made for your market, and your customer base, having the agility and flexibility to mould your operation to their shifting patterns is critical.

You’d rather be the Netflix than the Blockbuster.

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