How To Utilise Marketing Automation Over The Festive Period

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The festive period can put stresses and strains on companies in a number of ways. And a combination of decreased staff levels and increased volumes of customer interest can seek to compromise your ability to deliver a first class experience.

This is where marketing automation can give you the edge. Maintaining quality experiences without draining the time of your remaining team, leaving them free to engage with more and more customers.

“Since you want to stay connected to customers and take time for yourself, automation helps you meet both goals.”


And during the festive period, it’s vitally important to cut through the noise through proactive planning.

Using the power of segmentation, companies can create timely, relevant, personalised communications that count.

Augmented by the ability to schedule ahead of time, based on individual triggers and activities, you can ensure service remains at optimum levels and you’re free to convert initial excitement into long term customer relationships.

Customer Communications To Automate

Automated customer communications are there to supplement your direct interactions.

Rather than having your customer facing employees losing time repeating the same tasks, automating the appropriate touchpoints can have a dramatic impact upon productivity.

And throughout the customer journey, there are countless opportunities for marketing automation to elevate the customer experience.

“For any business concerned with their continued success, it is essential that time and thought are invested in ensuring the right messaging, reaches the right customers at the right time.”

During the buying cycle, dynamic content based on customer information can produce a personalised experience whilst freeing up your staff to interact with an even greater pool of prospects.

Pre-appointment confirmations and post appointment thank you messages help keep customers engaged and feeling appreciated whilst progress updates ensure customers aren’t kept in the dark on their dream projects.

Sending support documentation for common queries also helps relieve the pressures on customers service teams by pre-empting enquiries.

Likewise, reconversion emails containing festive offers can help reconnect with opportunities that previously slipped by the wayside, potentially increasing revenue without your team having to lift a finger.

And in the back end, surveys can be automatically triggered to gather insight on areas requiring improvement, allowing you to be consistently elevating your operations.

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Benefits Of Marketing Automation

Leading companies are continuing to push the boundaries of service and experience.

The knock on impact is that these levels of speed and service are now expected across the board.

Your customers want instant access, outstanding service and bespoke interactions all rolled into one experience.

Marketing automation can take you there.

Here are six proven benefits of introducing marketing automation in your customer journey…

  • Lead Nurturing
  • Personalisation At Scale
  • Maintaining Relations
  • Occupying Their Spaces
  • Enhanced Customer Insight
  • Data Informed Decisions

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