17 Reasons Why You Need Anthill

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Anthill is here to help put your customers at the heart of your operation.

Designed with over 15 years of industry experience, our software exists to streamline internal processes and enhance communication at every stage in your customer journey.

To ensure you can deliver the best possible customer experience, 100% of the time.

Where out of the box solutions are bound by rigidity, Anthill can be moulded to fit your unique operation.

Allowing your company to take its next step.

Are you ready to elevate your operation to the heights you know you can achieve?

Here’s 17 reasons why you need Anthill to help you get there.

1) Bring Calm To Your Chaos

For countless companies, internal organisation simply does not match levels of aspiration.

Anthill brings calm to the chaos of the day to day, giving staff across the length and breadth of the hierarchy room to breathe.

By aligning purpose across teams, channels and locations, you can bring order to operations; preserving your hard earned reputation and delighting customers at every turn.

2) Maximise Opportunities

Whether business is booming, or you’re feeling the pinch, it’s vital to make the most of your customers and opportunities.

99 out of 100 businesses can’t afford the luxury of waste.

They need to avoid a leaky bucket scenario where critical opportunities and VIP customers fall by the wayside.

Anthill allows you to quickly allocate leads to experts and establishes a customer service safety net to ensure no more opportunities slip through the cracks.

3) Implement Best Practice

With everyone pulling in different directions, you’re leaving your ultimate success to chance.

Anthill enables the implementation of your version of excellence at scale; guaranteeing your customers have a consistently high quality experience.

By benchmarking performance, you can identify areas of strength and weakness, fuelling iterative improvements.

4) Focus Skillsets

How much time are your expert teams wasting on tasks that don’t require their specific skillset?

On average, 20% of time is lost to such causes but Anthill reverses the trend.

By allocating skilled jobs to skilled people, you can fix their focus on activities that will move the needle, optimising their output and ROI.

Having such focus has a knock on impact of using accumulated experience to quickly spots an emerging problem, mitigating any long term risk or harm.

5) Enhanced Agility

Change can come from any number of sources. Emerging trends, evolving technologies, global pandemics…

Each of which can drastically alter your ability to operate.

Anthill gives companies the speed and agility to react and respond in an effective and efficient manner.

No more opportunities missed because of inflexibility.

6) Increased Efficiency

Nothing hinders progress like internal friction.

By contrast, when alignment across contributors is achieved, your vital business processes function with minimal hiccups.

Not only are your internal cogs meshing perfectly, the knock on impact for your customers is a better and faster service.

Certain levels of speed and service are now expected across the board, with customers expecting the highest calibre of experience.

You can’t hope to fulfil this desire with an inefficient operation.

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7) Improved Visibility

Without visibility into your team’s day to day operations, you’re making decisions in the dark.

Issues slip through the cracks, process blockages go unnoticed, and time is lost as golden opportunities fall by the wayside.

Anthill utilises dashboards, designed for each individual, to provide you with the visibility you need to get the job done and make fully informed, revenue defining decisions.

8) Elevated Data Insights

Speaking of dashboards, disparate data has limited use.

If you’re spending your day chasing information, you’re not acting on it.

Anthill provides the ability to combine data from all customer interactions and share it across the organisation.

Siloed spreadsheets can suddenly be transformed into a useful, actionable format, allowing individuals to better serve their customers.

Are you be willing to risk your success on out of date information?

9) Assured Compliance

Introducing a new approach can sometimes be difficult.

People like the familiar, and change can be seen to upset the apple cart.

Yet innovation never emerges through stasis, and securing compliance, ensures that each action is performed in line with what your research has shown to be best practice.

No more disconnected teams. No more inconsistent first impressions. No more conflicting outcomes.

10) Growth Through Evolution

Best practice doesn’t last forever. You need to move with the times to stay relevant to your customers.

Anthill allows you to spot trends and act ahead of the competition.

When implementing processes across a business, each action should be geared toward one of your ultimate aims.

Anthill allows your team to align to one goal, with process evolution facilitating continuous improvement.

11) Greater Knowledge Sharing

Businesses are stronger, and their people more empowered, when they operate as a collective.

Rather than acting as a group of individuals, having everyone follow the same workflows enables people to learn from the best.

Likewise, having a single source of customer truth ensures no duplication of efforts and that everyone is always up to speed on every single opportunity.

12) Digital Transformation

Leveraging Anthill’s technology as part of your digital transformation is crucial for determining your goals and securing progress toward them.

Legacy processes and systems can often feel comfortably familiar.

Yet there is a major risk of getting left behind when a lack of willingness prevents transformation or evolution.

By digitising vital customer workflows, you can protect yourself from mistakes and continue your development as a modern, technologically advanced organisation.

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13) Clear Customer Focus

Your processes should place your customer at the heart of businesses practices, gearing any action or activity toward helping them fulfil their goals through use of your service.

Anthill brings people and technology together in a way that increases customer satisfaction.

So not only are your internal teams well prepared to enhance your company’s successes, your clients are happy beneficiaries of an enhanced client orientation.

14) Communications That Count

Speaking of satisfied customers, are your communications as unique as they are?

Gone are the days of mass hit and hope campaigns. Your customers are all at different stages in their journey so require messaging that reflects their shifting position.

With Anthill, you can send targeted emails to a combination of customisable segments to ensure your communications count.

15) Made For Your Way Of Working

With Anthill, there is no such thing as a standard installation.

We know that every business works differently, so we shape our technology to fit your needs.

Our 5 Star rated Customer Success team work closely with all our clients to understand your processes, data structure and goals.

There’s no trial and error with Anthill, we know what’s needed to create a seamless customer experience and are here to help you achieve that from day one.

16) Manage Everything From One Place

Nothing disrupts a well oiled machine quite like constantly switching between outdated systems to find the simplest piece of information.

With Anthill, those days are gone.

From one central hub, you can manage your entire sales cycle, from enquiry and lead through to installations, remedials, and support.

17) Futureproofing Your Success

For any business, advantage is gained through proactive action rather than reactionary response.

By using Anthill diagnostically, you can not only placate unhappy customers with greater speed, but spot the steps that led to that situation in the first place.

Issues can be prevented from recurring and roadblocks can be eliminated; better anticipating your customers needs.

Ready to explore how Anthill can help your business take the next step? Schedule a demo today.

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