Winner Design – File Recovery Guide

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When working in Winner design, your designs are saved locally on the machine and then transferred to Anthill when Winner is closed.

If Winner closes unexpectedly before the application is closed, the files will not be sent to Anthill but will still be available to recover them.

This guide will explain what to do. Please ensure that your Agent Version is 15.10 or above.

Step 1 – Winner Closes Unexpectedly

When Winner closes unexpectedly, the window below will be shown as confirmation.

To proceed, click EXIT.

If you have any other designs open, we recommend closes all of them.

Step 2 – Navigate to the Lead and Quote in Anthill

Open your Anthill system and locate the relevant customer lead, clicking on the quote tab.

You will see the last session that was transferred to Anthill – specifically, the last time Winner was closed successfully for this design.


Click on the design to open in Winner.

Step 3 – File Recovery

Opening the last save point will check for any files that suitable for recovery. If there are, you will see the window below.

Clicking Recover will open the design from your local machine, at the last save point.

Winner Design has an auto save feature which will store files for recovery. We also recommend, using Alternative > Save or CTRL + S periodically to save your designs.

Step 4 – Close Winner to Sync Design to Anthill

After Winner has loaded, close the program by clicking the cross in the top right hand side and then click Yes to save.

Step 5 – Design Sent to Anthill

The pop out notification will confirm that the design and data has been sent to Anthill

Step 6 – Refresh the page in Anthill

Reloading the lead page will show the latest information for this quote in Anthill.

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