Managing Order Lines In Anthill

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Welcome to the Anthill guide for managing order lines.

This guide advises how to use order line features in Anthill; from purchase orders, supplier acknowledgement, stock allocation, warehouse management and dispatching.

The ‘Ordering’ tab in the customer sale page contains all the functionality to manage your customer orders.

Order Lines

Order lines contain the details of the products at line level that form the customers’ order.

Orderlines can be automatically added to a sale when a quote is converted, manually by searching catalogue data or by adding custom items.

Navigating the order line menu:

1. Items To Order

Clicking this button will filter the order lines to show only the items that awaiting ordering with your suppliers. To place orders, use the tick box to select the items to raise purchase orders for. By clicking select all you can raise purchase orders in one click for all items.

Prepare and send Purchase Orders to mark items as Ordered.

On completion, the relevant items will be automatically combined into a purchase order for each supplier. After reviewing each purchase order, click send to send the purchase order as a PDF to your supplier. If you prefer to download and send, click download and tick the mark as sent box. Once a Purchase order has been sent, each item it contains will be marked as Ordered.

If there are items that don’t required ordering, click the does not require ordering update accordingly.

If you wish to use existing stock for one or more items, click allocation from stock and make the reservation. To allocate stock, you must have added the relevant items to one of your warehouse(s).

When all your items have been ordered, you will see the following confirmation

2. Items Awaiting Acknowledgment

Once ordered, all items move into a status of awaiting acknowledgement. To mark items as being acknowledged from your suppliers select the relevant rows, then click the Acknowledge icon. You will be prompted to enter an Acknowledgement Number, Estimate Delivery Date.

Acknowledge items from suppliers to progress.

Once all items have been acknowledged, you will see the following confirmation:

3. Items to Confirm

Items at this stage are yet to arrive at your requested warehouse. By clicking view items, you can see the delivery date and use this to chase suppliers when items are late.

Available items are those that you have physically within your warehouses / locations. These can be added as stock or marked as being received from a supplier.

See when items are expected.

If you are notified there has been a delay you can update the item by re-acknowledging and setting the new estimate delivery date.

Alternatively, you can cancel the purchase order and choose a different route for fulfilment, different supplier or from stock.

To mark items as being received select the items and click the Items Received icon.

Mark items are received to confirm they are within your possession.

You will be prompted to select where in the relevant warehouse the items have been added (row/shelf).

4. Items Delivered

To complete the ordering process, you will need to record when the items have left your warehouse and have been delivered to the customer.

When items leave your locations, select the Mark as Delivered action.

Mark items as delivered when they have left your location for the customer.

You will be asked to confirm that you are happy for the items to be removed from stock. Click confirm to complete.

5. Close Filter

Clicking the close button will remove any filters that you have added and show all order lines regardless of their status.

6. Settings

Click this icon will allow you to change the view of the order lines. The options that you have available are:

Order Status: This is the default option and shows all the order lines with the current status.

While in this view, you can add additional views for Ordered – which shows all items ordered, Available, which shows all items available within your warehouses and Delivered, which shows all items that have been delivered to the customer.

Supplier: This option groups order lines by supplier to show total amount ordered for each supplier.

Category: This option groups order lines by category to show total amount ordered by category.

7. Update Order Lines from Quote Revision

If you order lines have been populated from a CAD package, you are able pull the latest changes to a design which will re-populate the order lines in full. The scenario is used for changes made to the design during the sales process. Once any items have been ordered with suppliers, the refresh order lines options becomes disabled.

More more instructions, please read the full guide on updating order lines from quote revisions.

8. Delete Order Line

Option to delete an order line. Only order lines that haven’t been ordered can be deleted.

9. Add New Order Line

Ability to manually add custom order lines and catalogue based order lines to the order.

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