Bathroom Eleven & Anthill: Case Study

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Anthill have collaborated with Bathroom Eleven to replace countless spreadsheets with a single source of customer truth, reduce marketing spend by 350% without a drop in sales revenue and remove the guesswork from reporting leading to more informed decision making processes.

With over twenty years in the industry, Bathroom Eleven are driven by design to deliver the very best in bathrooms for their clients across Surrey and South West London.

Here’s a brief insight into how Anthill is helping bring calm to their chaos…

Marketing Budget Allocation

Bathroom Eleven previously had limited insight into channel performance, relying on anecdotal insight, rather than quantitative data.

With no way of tracking or monitoring success, there was a limited understanding of ROI.

Anthill has been able to pull back the curtain, enabling Bathroom Eleven to identify precisely how much money is coming in compared to ad spend.

This reliable tracking has allowed marketing to spend to be reduced from £4500/month to £1000, with no drop in sales revenue.

Customer Journey Management

Bathroom Eleven are utilising the power of Anthill to coordinate, implement and manage a high quality, consistent end to end customer journey.

New enquiries are pulled directly from source into Anthill, allowing for iterative channel attribution and optimisation, with opportunities assigned to the right individual immediately.

Bespoke workflows have been built within their Anthill system facilitating a repeatable, straightforward process to follow across all opportunities.

The new approach has enabled Bathroom Eleven to operate with greater speed and efficiency, whilst increased accountability ensures no projects slip through the cracks or fall by the wayside.

“Before Anthill we were using countless spreadsheets to track our customer journeys which was a laboursome process.
Anthill has provided a sleek and efficient way to ensure all our clients receive the best service, all the way from enquiry through to completion.
But what truly stands out, is how the whole team cares about making their product work for you and your business.”

Ben Setterfield – Owner, Bathroom Eleven

Reliable Reporting

Prior to Anthill’s implementation, Bathroom Eleven owner, Ben Setterfield, would often lack the required time to dig around for insights he needed instantly.

As such, vital business decisions were being made based off incomplete and inaccurate information, compromising growth capacity.

Since 2018, Anthill has been able to plug the gap for Bathroom Eleven, allowing informed decision-making processes to replace guesswork.

Being able to evaluate enquiries, leads and sales, sliced by period and individual, ensures the business can now allocate resource where it counts, elevating overall performance.


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