Senergy Direct & Anthill: Case Study

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Anthill have collaborated with Senergy Direct to revolutionise their approach to Sales Automation and Lead Management. Doing so has enabled the business to identify top performing marketing campaigns, maximise ROI and improve enquiry response times for optimum customer experience.

Senergy Direct specialise in designing and installing the latest solar pv, solar battery storage and air source heat pumps; helping homeowners and businesses across the UK go green.

Here’s a brief insight into how Anthill is helping bring calm to their chaos…

Sales Automation

Senergy Direct have been harnessing the power of Anthill since 2018 to streamline how they manage leads generated across a multitude of marketing channels and campaigns.

By connecting Anthill to Google, Facebook and other social media accounts via our Zapier integration, Senergy Direct can now access new sales enquiries the second they are created, directly from their Anthill dashboards.

Once here, the enquiries automatically trigger pre-defined, best practice workflows, notifying employees of new opportunities. Qualification criteria are pulled in alongside the enquiry details to ensure sales teams can focus resources on the right opportunities.

This new approach guarantees Senergy Direct can reach prospective customers as quickly as possible, increasing conversion rates and improving the customer experience.

“Anthill has helped our business run far more efficiently and the speed in which it was set up was very good.
The system has made day to day business tasks a lot easier.
Altogether a brilliant system.”

Raman Sandhu – Director of Operations, Senergy Direct

Campaign Attribution

As well as Senergy Direct benefiting from instant access to new sales enquiries, Anthill’s attribution data provides accurate information on which channels and campaigns are the top performers.

Being able to optimise messages and mediums accordingly allows Senergy Direct to identify which variations return the most conversions.

As a result, resources are better focussed, ROI on marketing spend increases and Customer Acquisition Costs are minimised.

Automated Communications

As part of trigger defined workflows, Senergy Direct are automating experience enhancing customer touchpoints.

Utilising Anthill’s SMS capabilities, the business can immediately send a confirmation message to brand new enquiries.

What appears to be a manned process is in fact automatically triggered, freeing Senergy Direct sales teams up to deal with as many opportunities as possible without compromising the overall customer experience.


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