4 Ways Anthill Can Increase Profitability

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Every company, irrespective of industry, channel, or location, should always be looking to increase profitability.

Doing so, through a regular review process for incremental gains, can help an organisation stay as effective as possible.

All whilst keeping an eye on both the competition and the latest trends.

The risks of not doing so are simply too great to bear. And, as a business manager, seeking out ways of driving the long term success of your operation is part and parcel of the job.

But what if you could harness a single system to power your push to increase profitability?

A solution that streamlined operations and provided invaluable insight across the board.

Welcome to Anthill.

Here are 4 ways our cutting-edge technology can increase profitability in line with your company goals.

Reduced Costs

Understanding your costs is essential for identifying areas with the profit draining combination of high spend, low ROI.

Using Anthill, you can dive into the detail and pinpoint the problem using customised dashboards.

Want to know where marketing spend is generating the best results?

Unsure which product lines are selling better than others?

Unaware of your cost of sale, or more importantly, your cost of loss?

“Tracking opportunity costs allows for continuous optimisation. With changes made being immediately reflected in your bottom line.”

Anthill has the answers. Readily available at your fingertips.

By cutting out the wastage, and increasing ROI by investing where it counts, you can improve the bottom line.

Increased Revenue

Whether business is booming, or you’re feeling the pinch, it’s vital to make the most of your customers and opportunities.

99 out of 100 businesses can’t afford the luxury of waste. They need to avoid a leaky bucket scenario where critical opportunities and VIP customers fall by the wayside.

Therefore, identifying opportunities to increase revenue with both new and existing customers is a critical undertaking to increase profitability.

Anthill provides you with the capability to do so.

Whether it’s through allocating leads to experts automatically, implementing your best practice process at scale or leveraging customer insight for training and development, Anthill ensures you provide service levels that match the quality of your products.

By ensuring you never miss an opportunity, revenue figures will only go in one direction.

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Improved Productivity

According to McKinsey, the average worker spends nearly 20% of their time looking for internal information or tracking down colleagues who can help with specific tasks.

Why is this?

Too many disparate systems, inconsistent data sets and a lack of organisational transparency.

Anthill on the other hand is one solution, a single source of truth, remotely accessible to everyone within the business to ensure you’re all working off the same page.

Removing the clutter will allow your organisation to breathe. Innovation never emerges from a stifled, disconnected company.

After all, you hired your employees for a reason – to solve problems and provide expertise. They are not there to dig for information that should be easily and readily available.

By reducing duplication, and time lost reconciling information, you can focus on providing the best service and engaging with more potential customers.

Enhanced Efficiency

Internal efficiency is intrinsically connected to customer experience. And by extension, revenue generation.

If your organisation is a mess behind the scenes, the knock on effect will be felt most heavily by your customer.

Managing both internal processes and external experience is critical for your long term success.

Without above average approaches to both, you risk compromising your profitability.

By streamlining operations and providing a structure for secure growth, Anthill can help bring calm to your chaos, ensuring you’re always able to put the customer first.

Ready to explore how Anthill’s technology can help you increase profitability? Schedule a demo today.

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