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“The software is extremely flexible and can be adapted to suit the needs of the business. It is extremely scalable and works well both in stores and at our Head Office. The team at Anthill are always on hand to help and always endeavour to meet the deadlines set by the business. They provide us with great suggestions and have a wealth of knowledge which is really helpful when first starting out with a CRM system.”
“Basically, it changed my life, it’s fantastic to be able to see quickly the state of play in each department and for the team members to be able to see what they need to do daily and drill down onto the info. It’s helped me be able to see any problem areas before they happen also. Really is fantastic so thank you very much.” “Working with Anthill has allowed us to quickly deliver significant improvements to the way we manage our customers from the point of first contact, through to order delivery and beyond.”
“Custom built to suit our individual requirements, from initial conversations through to launch, Anthill as a team have listened and reacted to all our wants and needs. The end result is a very simple easy to use software package that supports my team with customer relations and customer / sales team analysis. The ability to provide updates on all platforms: PC, Tablet, Laptop & Phones is a plus.”
“Brilliant system. Anthill has helped our business run far more efficiently. The speed in which Anthill was set up was very good. The cost is reasonable in comparison to other systems on the market. The system has made day to day business tasks a lot easier.
“I can honestly say that Anthill has played a huge part in the growth of Kutchenhaus. The main issues other companies have when growing is that they take their eye off the existing parts of the business. Anthill ensures that all aspects of the day to running of a business is tracked and done in a timely manner. Anthill ensures that the whole team is focused and moving towards the same clear goal, it is much much more than a simple crm system. I would highly recommend John and his team to all.”
“I use Anthill all the time to investigate a direct link between relative campaign success and what’s actually going on. We track everything, meaning I can easily analyse the data and prove the impact of each marketing channel and campaign. Without last click attribution, you’re really in thedark. I can then make a case to invest more in the channels that are working for us.
It really is brilliant.”
“Everything that we need now in one place to run almost our entire operation! Most things run smoother by far and are easier to input and manage. We made a lot of modifications so that we now do lead management, quotes, invoices, jobs sheets, email marketing, sms reminders etc etc. Anthil have been fantastic in helping get set up and running smoothly – nothing is too much trouble!”
“Amazing software – A flexible solution, adapted to our business with a multitude of functionalities and very friendly to use. I love the automation tools and the analytics resulting from the e-mail marketing campaign. I recommend!”
“Anthill is an absolutely superb system which our teams thoroughly enjoy using! The software is easy to use, intuitive and, most importantly, guarantees that our customers are at the heart of our business by ensuring we have everything we need to hand.”
“Great software and a cracking team…Anthill has made measurable improvements with our operations and processes as a result of the improved accuracy that the software provides. We’ve increased productivity in our ordering team by 44%, knocked a week off our product launch timeline and are providing our Sales Staff with more of the information they need and less of what they don’t. In the pipeline we have improvements that utilize the platform’s flexibility and customisations to deliver cost savings by amalgamating overlapping software packages into Anthill, delivering the benefits of a one-stop-shop for staff without the issues of a one-size-fits-no-one approach.” “We really like the streamlined approach for users, the way it organises processes giving structure and flow to ensure the correct information is captured at the right time.” “Working with Anthill has been straight forward and hugely beneficial. They are interested in what you want to achieve, have the technical expertise to get you there and are always open to new ideas or adaptions to the platform to help us get the most from it.”
“We have been working closely with Anthill to implement our prospect and customer fulfilment system for our expanding retail business. Not only has it been a pleasure to deal with Anthill, but thanks to their experience they have brought so many great ideas to ensure we have a future proof system to help us scale our business quickly and efficiently. Highly recommended.”
“Anthill has played a pivotal role in our recent merger and is fast becoming a fundamental part of our business. The software provides us with the visibility to spot trends and for our staff to be in full control of the sales process, prioritising tasks to maximise efficiency. As a single source of truth, Anthill drives accountability and ensures we can accurately track critical KPIs, helping deliver the level of service we desire. Throughout our experience, the Anthill team have always gone the extra mile with incredible responsiveness, consistently tailoring the technology to our needs.”
“The cleanliness of the appearance and usability of Anthill meant that it was easy to introduce the whole team to the software from day one. With the ability to create workflows that reflected and tracked our processes we have ensured that our clients receive optimum service from us from starting their project, through to any remedials or issues meaning we can offer the best in aftersales care too. Before Anthill we were using many excel spreadsheets to track our client journeys with our business. It was laboursome entering and reentering data all the time. Anthill has provided a sleek and efficient way to ensure all our clients receive the best service from their initial inquiry through to completion. Additionally being able to track the source of the inquiry has meant we can focus our marketing and budgeting effectively. The whole team at Anthill care about making their product work for you and your business and will go beyond to ensure you are using Anthill to its full capability.”

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